We recommend Mei Mei House for take out or dine-in Chinese food. Be sure to stop in and say Hi to Maggie, she always takes excellent care of us!

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So, what makes this place so special? I admit, when you walk in and see the typical photo menu up high above the counter, and formica tables and benches, it looks just like any other fried rice joint. However, after eating there, I asked what their secret was, and it was explained to me that all of their food is home cooked. For example, most places give you egg rolls that come bulk packages and are frozen, just fresh fried up for you. They actually hand make their own eggrolls at MeiMei House, and you can really taste the difference.

I highly recommend the Szechuan chicken if you like a little kick, and be sure to get an order of Crab Rangoon if you eat in. (They are best when served fresh and hot.)