Spring is in the air. And that means wedding season is just right around the corner.  Nobody can deny that there’s something special, magical even, about a wedding in the South. Regardless of where you decide to hold your “Big Day,” it will surely be one for all to remember.


When shopping around for wedding venues in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas, there are a few things to first consider. One of the most important being time of year. When planning, keep in mind that unlike many parts of the country, South Carolina experiences all seasons in their fullest glory. While this contributes greatly to the charm, it also means you can expect weather patterns particular to that season. You can always look ahead at the Old Farmer’s Almanac to try and predict for long-term weather planning. However, playing it safe when picking a venue based on the season is your best choice.

For example, if you know you want an outdoor venue in the spring, know that along with beautiful temperatures also comes many a rain storm. Knowing this, it could be wise to choose a venue with a sturdy awning. There are several venues in the area that give you the option to utilize both an indoor and outdoor space. Renting a space like this will ensure you’re covered regardless of the weather.


Fall in the south tends to become shockingly brisk very quickly. That doesn’t mean an outdoor space is not in the cards as the sun is usually shining, and the changing of the leaves can create some of the most picturesque scenes a bride could hope for. There are a few venues overlooking the mountains that give you this full view and create extremely intimate and stunning scenery.

In the summertime, it’s no secret that the Carolina sun is rather unforgiving. And on top of that, many thunderstorms like to stroll through quickly, and often unexpectedly. So if you’re planning your wedding during the summer months, perhaps an indoor venue would be best. As South Carolina holds much history in comparison to many other states, there are several beautiful historic mansions in the area that would work perfectly!

On the flip side of that, the winter months can be quite unpredictable. It could be a perfect 60 degree and sunny Wednesday followed by snow on the weekend. It would be wise to consider utilizing some of these beautiful indoor mansion venues for the winter as well.