Our heat pump outside unit froze over twice in the last month, so I finally decided to call for a repair inspection to see what the problem was. After checking around, I found a great HVAC repair company for Greenville SC. The company was professional, sent out a repair technician that knew what he was doing (as best I could tell, anyway), and the bill was very reasonable.


I like this type of response and resolution, as these days service companies are dime-a-dozen and most seem to exist just to make a quick buck. I think this company is more about providing a quality service that you can depend on, as they are family owned. This is a nice change from your typical home service agent, and greatly appreciated when I can find one to handle the services I need.

So, I thought I’d write about it on the blog here, it’s been a while since I posted anyway. And yes, I am in Simpsonville, but this is also Greenville county, so the bigger metro area service of Greenville made more sense to me. Anyway, if you need heating or air repair for your home, be sure to give these guys a call, for an estimate if nothing else.